why majority of Indian start-ups can’t survive against foreign start-ups?


There are several Indian startups which are far better than foreign startups,

Compare below.

Ola and Uber:

Flipkart and Amazon:

Flock and Slack

Indian Startups are dominating in indian market on Foreign startups in every possible way and foreign startups are still struggling as how to survive in Indian market without huge funding.


BUT Majority,

Indian startups founders are very impatient. The way trends is moving, every person thinks to be an entrepreneur that good but without knowing the pressure or repercussion, they try to enter the market, and eventually destroy all thing.

They don’t have any target costumer; hence, the launch products/services that don’t needs of a majority of Indians, such as:


1) A mobile app which can track the doctor.


2) An app that is just for recharge coupan.


3) A social networking site for the naukri(job).


4) A taxi directory app


4) A college info app



Even in a majority of areas, there are majority of people who are not tech-savvy. Therefore, they are not able to use of these things. and timing is other factor. The majority Indian startup business model works only up to a certain market size, and t’s not so good enough when it comes to making money on a larger scale of business. most common reason is lack of innovation, All are busy in copy paste of foreign startups.

Here some reason of failure that we found in our reasearch !

        1) Not serving a market need
        2) Lack of right team
        3) Running out of cash(Lack of funding)
        4) Ignoring the market competition
        5) The wrong price of prduct/service
        6) Not a user-friendly product
        7) A flaw in the business model
        8) Lack of attention to marketing
       9) Starved of customer feedback
      10) Too early to market

Startups in Tech. field:

Indians entrepreneur cannot compete with American entrepreneur. Indians do not have too much experience with them. If you take Silicon, India does not have competent factories. This obstructs innovation in these areas.


Startups in Software field:

In software field, US is a generation ahead from india. most Indians are doing are Web based servicesand working as freelance. India does not have infrastructure to shift into cloud computing technologies.and many other issue are here, there is many flaws in the education system specially in tech field.

Final word

But hey stop,

all we know is that here are great start-ups out there doing far better than western country and I can imagine about future and even we are capable to influencing western countries.