You Need to know Top Five technology Trends

You are a student or employee, doesn’t matter where you are today. it does matters that where you will tomorrow. due to new technology continuously market trends are shifts. If you are looking to better careers or promotion, Keeping the latest technology trends in view this may help you. As technology continues to evolve at its usual breakneck pace, how is the job market expected to shift, Here some key technology trends to watch.


  • Internet of things (IOT)


We are live in Information world and almost people know about IOT, everyone know Internet of Things has something to do with connected things and devicesYou can say that The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of things which are connected to the Internet. These things may be include IoT devices and IoT-enabled physical resources, such as smart home application, tracking device etc. IOT is currently a hot technology in india and worldwide. In fact in present time many sector involved in different aspects of research such sector are healthcare, manufacturing,  Government, agriculture, space, academic, construction, industry water, mining and many business.


Internet of things Module:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Cool Applications
  • Networking
  • Sensors
  • Circuits



  • Machine Learning(ML)


Ability to mechanically learn and improve from present or past experience without being explicitly programmed instead of the programming for current situation. ML is an part of artificial intelligence (AI), always ML focusing on the design & development of computer based programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.


The progression of learning begins with observations or data, such as examples or experience in order to look for patterns in data or fact and take better decisions in the future based on the examples that we deliver. our priority is to allow the computers learn mechanically without human involvement or help and regulate activities accordingly.

You can follow these steps, if you want to learn Machine Learning

  • Learn the types of Machine Learning Algorithms such as:
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning


  • After theoretical concepts of Machine Learning(ML), you can continue with these option
    • R
    • Python
    • SAS


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  • Virtual Reality

It’s 3-Dimensional generated environment based on computer and explored and interacted with by a person. In the virtual reality person becomes part of the simulated world or covered up within this environment and at the same time as there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

VR is an involvement that takes manipulators to a decently artificial situation, which contains nothing of the instantaneous reality that environments them. Virtual reality create graphics invironment that fill your complete image and is usually go with by 3D resonances to make the involvement real.

For the instant, gaming ruins the key use case of virtual reality. Still, it is also being used in specialized work, such as training athletes, travel, or real estate business.

Applications of Virtual Reality in the sector:


  • In Gaming
  • Movies
  • Real estate
  • Business
  • Travel Industry



  • Blockchain


Blockchain database arrangement which spread over network that performances as an “open archive” that store and well manage transactions over internet. Each and every record present in the that database known a block and present details like transaction timestamp as well as a link to the earlier block. Due to this it’s impossible to delete information about the records. Because of the fact that the copy of  transaction is recorded to multiple user database, circulated database systems, the technology is much secure.


  • Cognitive Technology


Cognitive technology(CT) is a subsection of the bigger field of artificial intelligence, which himself might be considered a subsection of biomimetics. While artificial intelligence has been the theme of exploration for a very long time, cognitive technology progressed mostly out of the internet (mainly cloud and web) based.

CT is a important part of computer science that copycats functions of the human brain over several means, together with natural linguistic processing, pattern acknowledgment and data mining. It is probable to have a radical outcome on the way that humans relate with technology in upcoming years, mainly in the  machine learning(ML),  automation and information technology(IT). Cognitive technology(CT) has also been useful in the corporate sector.

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