Like any good thing, switching does not come so easy. Aside convincing yourself it is time to move on to greener pastures you will also need to convince your prospective employers that you are worth the hassle and pay.

Sometimes we simply outgrow things and then we see that no matter how huge the sentimental value we attached to them, we just have to leave them and move on.

This happens a lot in the job market, sometimes you just suddenly have more to offer than your current job is demanding and you realize that staying there is suddenly becoming detrimental to your skills and capabilities; and it is also costing you some real good better money you could make somewhere else where these skills will be needed and most appreciated.

What do you do when you do when you find yourself in such situations? YOU SWITCH!


Here are a few tips to help you to switch your career in digital marketing:

Learn, re-learn and stay up on things: there’s always some new tool or feature, make it your duty to know them. The digital market is ever evolving and if you’re not comfortable with new technology then the digital market is certainly not your forte. You should make it your duty to know what’s new on the market, how you can use it to your advantage and even how you can add to it. You can also use social media platforms to keep abreast; you can follow the movers and shakers on twitter or use RSS reader to follow great blogs. You can also read the papers and attend educational events and conferences where the new technology is discussed and launched.

Capitalize on your online profiles: it would not exactly be a great point for you if a potential employer decided to look you up online and came up with absolutely nothing. You need to tell the internet who you are and what you do, so this way you are in turn shown to the world by the internet. Besides you can’t possibly expect anyone to take you seriously as a digital professional if you don’t have an active presence on it. You can own a blog or a twitter account. A Linkedin account will also be perfect.

Get the experience and right certifications: This you can achieve by

  1. Taking a digital marketing course with digital Kal or with the Google certification program to learn digital marketing practically from industries best experts.
  2. Take up freelance work for blogs and social media and be sure to show your experience.
  3. Practice your digital marketing skills. You can try it on a friend or family member’s business.
  4. Do something philanthropic with your skills, you could help a non-profit.
  5. Get a coach. Preferably someone with more authority on digital marketing that will coach you and help you build your skills.

Take a stand: and project it on your online profile. It would definitely be a bonus for you if your future employer looks you up on Google and saw a content that showcased who you are and your perspective on things. This is instantly tells them if you would be a good fit for them or not.

There are also technical skills you must possess to heighten your worth. They include;

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Email marketing

3) Paid social media advertising

4) Search engine marketing