How to use Social media for better career, Internship and get better job options


Might be possible till now you ma see social media only as a social tool with which connect with friends, family and relatives. But in reality , social media can be use for job/internship search.


Few step you can follow

  • Connect with career experts, organizations, professionals, mentors.
  • Managed well your profile so that employer identify you.
  • All Update on your timeline or profile content can reflect your personality.


You have to clear strategy and manage your time carefully that you spend on social media or online platforms.


Let’s Know how to use  social media for better professional career.



Build your social presence on Linkedin, it’s world’s most popular professional network, here you can connect with professionals by own interest. Here on Linkedlin recommendation system your are recommend to same field for connect.


Build your LinkedIn profile

Set your professional picture for prfile pic, so that face clearl shown and Choose keywords that will attract the type of employer and internship that you are looking for career. So that the professional present on linkedin can find you easily.


Create your clean URL for your profile

Linkedin allow for define a URL unique to everybody, you can set URL like

So that you can include on your resume/CV and other career related document . the URL are unique for everybody and people can find you easily on linked in.

Connect with others and build your network

Explore your network on linkedin connect with your parents, your friends, parents of your friends, professors, alumni of your college, HOD’s of your college and with anybody in your life who has a profile on linkedin.

Note:  when you send a  invitation to anyone don’t forget to mention personalized message note.


Follow by your target companies

Linkedin have a company features, use this feature and see job that are posted on the company wall. Time to time job are job are poting by company and you get update by your match.


Apply for job by Linkedin profile

You can apply for a job which are match to your skill, in present time many companies are select candidate by linkedin premium.


Participate in Linkedin group

Join the group according to your career interests,. That group give you opportunity to make intelligent comments and observations. You can make group with connections, alumni. Or join you can join internships, associations or industry specific groups.

Identify new connection

Your present connections can introduce to their connection, don’t forget to mention note when you sending invitation , you should have good message about why you would like to connect.



World’s Most popular social network in present time everybody knows that. You have a decent sized network with facebook profile.


Pick the friends and family profile

According to your interest of job or internship explore and let him know the picked profile. So that they can introduce or easily refer you.


Build your profile professional

Download the facebook application(app) form app store so that allows you to build  a professional presence. Upload your work and build your profile. Because it’s walled off from your personal profile , you can connect to others professionally. You can also browse job update , internship update post.

Follow and likes the page and join group of companies and industry experts

You can like and follow targeted companies pages for future feed update that may be related to job or internship. In this way you can updated with these targeted companies branding, products or all update.

Manage your privacy of profile

There are lots of privacy settings available in profile setting you should setting for the public post or other permission , as you know that in present time employer search online and thaey can contact you, so that you have to setting for what your friend can see and what the employer can see on your profile timeline.


For the global presence twitter is most preferable social  site. In this social site have all global business profile. If you find someone who has a shared interest, you talk directly to them and they will response you. In previous few year have a seen that many company are active on twitter, any company help line team are also help by twitter wall for problem of costumer. In this way you can update with the companies.

Build your profile on twitter

Building a profile on twitter is much simple than other social networking site like LinkedIn , Facebook, etc. because of you have a limited space for your bio. And you have a option of website you can mention the URL of Linkedin if you have a not website. In the bio mention the interest and your goal.


Make your own strategy

What are the targeted companies that match your interests, and top industries that want to connect its important for your professional life. Who do you want to connect, and why you want to connect? Be clear with your own strategy and purpose.


Follow on twitter

Follow the people and companies according to your own strategy, follow the short listed profile. After the follow by your targeted companies retweet, comments and ask question so that you will be known by that organization or individual.


Build Lists on twitter

Use the twitter list feature, this features are help for save the time make list according to your priority, list your targeted companies, career options, so that find easily retweets comments on that particular tweets of the companies.


Use twitter chats Features

Twitters chats are online chat for the users, you can ask question and give answer of any question that ask by any one. They have many utility over the twitter users



 Follow these above mentions guide You will be job search expert on social media.


What survey say about Job and Internship opportunity on Social media?


Naerly all recuiters are using using social media to find candidates:


LinkedIn => 98%

Twitter => 42%

Facebook => 33%