most popular web Development frameworks


1) Angular JS :

AngularJS is a most powerful JavaScript Framework used for building MVC based applications, when we talk most popular web development frameworks then first word come in mind that is Angular JS. If you are a bit updated about the current web development technologies,, then you must be aware of the name Angular JS. For particular single-page web applications, angular is a JavaScript open source framework developed with the help of an MVC architectural pattern. There is no full-stack, but you can find a front-end dealing basically with web pages.

If you want to learn AngularJS, you  have to basic understanding of:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


2) Laravel :

Laravel is a most powerful MVC PHP framework in present time, it’s designed for web developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit so create full-featured web applications absed project. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. It was unveiled in the year 2011, Laravel is a free, PHP web framework which is open sourced and has a motto for constructing state of the art web applications after the model-view-controller (VC) architectural pattern.

Modular packaging system along with a dedicated dependency manager has few features of Laravel that help in the maintenance and application deployment in a lot of ways for accessing databases which are relational and its orientation for syntactic sugar.

3) Node.js :

Node.js is a powerful JavaScript-based framework That is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine.

Non-blocking and event-driven I/O is the main idea of Node.js , therefore, they are lightweight and quite effective against real-time applications when a large amount of data that is run over distributed devices. In a lay man’s context, for particular reasons, Node.js is used for filling particular needs.

Node.js is not just limited to a framework but is a complete environment. It is the attraction of the developers and is hoped to be the same for a long time. You can create fast network applications which are scalable as it is capable of working a major number of connections which are simultaneous with high performance which offers high scalability. Hiring models developers or using Node.js may be perfect for you if you want a full JavaScript environment with various tools. Node.js runs on many platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)

What we Can with Node.js ?

Node.js can generate dynamic page content , read, open, create, write, delete, and close files on the server, collect form data, delete, add, modify data from database.


4) React.js :

React.js is a open source software & front-end library(JavaScript)  developed maintened by Facebook with a big developer community. It’s used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps that make better. ReactJS also allows us to create reusable UI components.This library is used for developing the UI for web based applications. For the purpose of design powerfull applications, this specific framework was invented with the data that changes over a period of time constantly.

React is unveiling with wonderful things in the future known as React Fibre. It is regarded as an ongoing re-implementation of React’s algorithm which is a core. For developers, it is considered a big headline for developers this year. Therefore you can number on this library for considering the React developers for the next project.

If you want to learn AngularJS, you  have to basic understanding of:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


5) Ruby on Rails :

Ruby is A Object-oriented & high-level programming language. Easy to learn, Open source (very liberal license), Rich libraries One of the recently used frameworks for web developers is considered as Ruby on Rails. Most of the developers in present time enjoy using it and ruby is regarded as a fun programming language for developer. Airbnb, Hulu, Basecamp are few big brands that are developed by their websites along with RoR.

There is a free runs on Linux for ROR since the year 2005 which is open-source. It is easy and very enjoyable to work with from a developer point of view. You can also shift from the planning stages to the actual development at a fast pace but it is quite easy for handling when compared to other technologies. the Rails framework is simply a web framework written on top of the Ruby programming language

CODE Example:-

# The Hello Class

class Hello

def initialize( name )

@name = name.capitalize


def salute

puts “Hello #{@name}!”




# Create a new object

h =“Arindam Bharti”)


# Output “Hello Arindam Bharti!”


Output :−

Hello Arindam Bharti!


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