Career & job opportunities in digital marketing now and in the future!

Digital marketing is becoming normal in India. till 2010, Indian company & businesses did not take digital marketing/campaign seriously. They were not ready to change for digital promotion and were stuck with traditional way of marketing practices.

Change is the only aspect that cannot be changed

People’s communication, behavior with respect to content online has been changed. The methods of sharing information online also matters over here.

Earlier in 2000, Google used to worry only about trillions of data from HTML pages on the Web Index. All it focused on was about providing service to the user in terms of their query. After that quite a lot has changed over the years. User behavior has changed. Information is shared in the form of small parts of data and authority has been changed from larger silos to smaller pillars.

In 2000 there were websites which are not trust worthy search engine will check for authentic reliable data with the number of referrals to the website and more the referrals more possibility for the website to be on the front. But today likes, shares, tweets and post are more critical factor for the fame of the webpage


Digital Marketing Jobs opportunities in India

Every small and big companies are knowing the fact that Digital marketing is very important. Digital marketing is not an optional strategy in marketing anymore. Companies are catching up late, but they have to catchup, there is no other option to stay in market.

Digital marketing practice is giving rise to a huge opportunity in digital marketing jobs. Times of India had conveyed that Digital Marketing will create 1.5 Lakh jobs in India by 2016.

“With both businesses and consumers increasingly shifting their focus to the digital medium, there will be 1.5 lakhs jobs available by 2016″ – Manipal Global Education Services


In current market situation forces have made sure that you either start doing digital marketing or fail. As related to digital marketing, traditional marketing is really unproductive. In actual fact, if you do not have a digital marketing strategy and an online presence, customers are guaranteed to wary away from you and buy from a competitor.

list of the some digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this field:

Digital Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Content Writers

Inbound Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

Search Engine Marketers

SEO Executives

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Copy Writers.